The Mine of Judgement

Abscom puffs contentedly on his tabac pipe as he reviews this months revenue dispatches. He frowns slightly and notes that his overseas venture in Cauldron took a serious hit. Ah well, the prices of doing business on a ‘dormant’ volcano he muses to himself. A gust of cold air rushes through the office and Abscom looks up in irritation as his carefully stacked documents flutter to the ground. He bites off a curse as Melchor, one of his most trusted factors, staggers through the door blood streaming down from a wound on his head and his hands clasped to his bloody torso. “You!” Abscom bellows at a fearful looking scribe, “run to Mariel’s, and fetch the healer here this instant!”

Ignoring the cries of of fright from the various scribes, Abscom rushes forward and tends to his old friend. “Gods Melchor!” he exclaims, “What the hell has happened!”

Melchor raises one of his hands revealing a nasty looking wound in his torso and clutches at his mentor. Melchor’s voice is barely audible and Abscom leans in close to hear, ”...found something in the mine…so powerful…attacked that night…” Melchor’s body convulses and Abscom places his hands upon the wound in an effort to stop the bleeding. Suddenly the wounded man reaches out and grabs hold of Abscom with surprising strength.

“It killed everyone My Lord. It’s followed me here, and now I’m dying..cursed. You must stop-”, and just like that Melchor dies. Abscom is silent for a moment and then slowly straightens. Glaring about the room he captures everyone’s gaze. “I want answers, and by Graz’zt’s black horns I’m going to get them. Bring me the Delvers.”

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The Mine of Judgement

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