Ripped from the Headlines

A terrible storm tore through the coastal town of Westport. While there was some minor damage to the majority of town, there was one very unfortunate event. A giant sinkhole opened up underneath the home of retired adventurer, Acaelus Thorne. Fortunately for Acaelus, he was helping some of his neighbors get to shelter during the raging storm. Unfortunately for his daughter, she was in the house when it plummeted into the unknown depths.

Acaelus is understandably distraught. He insists that his daughter is still alive, and if it weren’t for his debilitating injuries suffered while fighting off a Sahuagin raid, he would already be down there. Instead, he has reached out to the Delvers and asked them to put together a team to descend into the sinkhole and recover his daughter.

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Ripped from the Headlines

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