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So my thinking behind this is that we could use Dungeon Delver’s Inc. as a way to put together a quick and dirty adventure whenever we currently can’t pull enough people together to play the regular campaign. Each player can keep a set of characters of varying level. Whoever wants to try their hand a DM’ing (be it a pre-written module or custom game) can just send out the notice and we’ll show up with the appropriate characters.

I figure the various leaders of Dungeon Delver’s Inc. will all be NPCs taking contracts from around the region (or extra-planer for those DMs that want to go their). These NPCs don’t necessarily need to be constructed by me, I’d love to see that entire ‘enterprise’ created as one big group effort. We can be as creative as we want in the adventures (do we seek to grow the influence and power of the company, replenish supplies, take morally questionable contracts, etc)

I’ve already got one stewing in the back of my mind…


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