He was the baddest Favored Soul to ever walk the rim of Cauldron. Fear him, if you dare!


Elven Favored Soul of Corellon Larethian

Strength: 12
Dexterity: 20
Constitution: 20
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 32

Hit Points: 223
Armor Class: 31 (FF: 26, Touch: 18)
Fort Save: +28 (+34 Buffed)
Reflex Save: +21 (+27 Buffed)
Will Save: +36 (+42 Buffed)

Movement Rate: 75’ Ground, 90’ Fly (Good)

Armor & Weapons:
– Holy Longsword +2 Defender [BAB: +17/+12/+7; 1d8+3 +2d6 Holy; Critical: 19-20/x2]
– Mithril Chain +4 of Quickness
– Mithril Buckler +3

Items of Note:
– Corellon’s Favor (Ring, Ancestral Relic)
– Ring of Identity +4
– Gem of True Seeing
– Amulet of Non-Detection

Key Skills: Concentration: 28 ; Diplomacy: 36 ; Know: Arcane: 20 ; Know: The Planes: 25 ; Know: Religion: 20 ; Spellcraft: 27 ; Use Magic Device: 20

Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan, Celestial

Key Persists: @ Caster Level 30
– Visage of the Deity, Greater
– Storm Rage (Maximized, Empowered, Energy Sub: Holy)
– Holy Aura

Key Buffs: @ Start of Day
– Conviction, Mass (Extended) +6 Saves (Morale), 10 Hr. Duration
– Resist Energy, Mass (Extended) Resistance 30 to Energy Type, 10 Hr. Duration
– Divine Insight (Extended) +15 to Skill Check (Immediate, Expends), 10 Hr. Duration


Tyresian is a baddy daddy llama chai! He can fly and shoot holy lightning out of his eyes! You can’t stop him, you can only hope to contain him.

Did we mention he can cast 5 Miracles a day?

You know that part of the Matrix where Neo, after having been shot, looks at Agent Smith and just says, “No” and then stops the bullets and fucks up Smith? That’s Tyresian when he’s got the flu, because Tyresian wouldn’t have been shot in the first place unless something was wrong with him. Ha!

He could rape the Tarrasque if he was so inclined…

His only weakness… Is that he can’t cure insanity brought on by seeing one’s sister being sucked dry by an Evil Ritual that leaves her a shadowed husk of inbred daemodand / humanity.


Oh yeah, and this is him Pre-Epic. One shouldn’t even consider what this being could become when the ding to 21 occurs. It could very well damage your brain…


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